Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes at Shark Tank

Friday, January 15, 2010
Today is our big day! We are so excited to that our friends, families, supporters, customers, fans, etc. get to experience what we experienced back in August 2009.

Here's a sneak peak!

Tim is far and away the "numbers guy." Ask this guy how many bike shops there are in the US, or what annual sales were in 2005, or exactly how many Grease Monkey Wipes we sold in July 2008... he knows it. Here he is studying during our flight to LA.
We got to spend Saturday wandering around Los Angeles. We found this shirt for Tim, which had the perfect message, but just didn't seem his style.
Now for a little secret about Team Grease Monkey Wipes. In order to mentally prepare ourselves for big meetings, we find a nearby deli. In LA, we studied our Yiddish at Factor's Deli.Onto Sunday, which was filming day. Here is Erin hanging out in the trailer. What you can't see is her token trick of staying calm by doing crossword puzzles.

This is Matt, one of our producers, taking the cruiser bike for a spin around the studio. We had 2 of the most amazing producers you could ask for. Every week we had phone conferences with them as they helped us, guided us and fought for us. We were lucky to have Matt & Bill on our side throughout this experience.

Here we are hanging outside the trailer with Producer Bill. We seem to be in an unintentional "Power-Stance" gearing up for our pitch.

And that's about all we can share for now. Please tune in tonight to see how it all turns out. Again, we want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone has has supported us along our journey. We couldn't do it without you!


  • Jeff Barnett


  • i'm hoping you can give more information after the airs tonight. good luck!

  • Dr. Oats

    guys your website was down for half of the show!

  • Dr. Oats

    so many people tried to access it

    Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

  • I can not wait, I have never look up a person idea, and i love it, i have 2 boz that are 5 and 2 that like verything dirty and greasy i plan to get a case to keep all over the place car home and grand ma's....... look forward to see yall make some money

  • Watching you guys right now! down to the last guy! wish you guys luck....we love this product!:)

  • after seeing shark tank, I need to get some of these becuase my husband is a biker and is always covered in grease!

  • get you site back up, i have my visa in hand lol


  • Congrats! Can't wait to see it... it's so annoying to get grease all over when mountian bikeing

  • YNI2010

    Wow, good for you. Just saw your pitch on Shark Tank. Very pleased that you got what you were setting out to do. I would buy this product in a heart beat.

  • Wow, great idea!! Congrats!!
    From future customers in New Brunswick, Canada ;)

  • Congrats on being successful in getting funding!!!

  • John R. Carlisle

    Congrats on getting your big Shark Tank win! The John R. Carlisle Institute is so happpy for you. Great product and we can't wait to see it everywhere.

    John R. Carlisle

  • Congratulations, get the website back on.

  • WOW!!!! Fantastic presentation... You two are the real deal. Go get em......

  • Congratulations guys! Very well done...great result! Steve in Chicago

  • Goals Coach

    Congratulations on your success and your passionate commitment. You are going to go far.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig

  • Congratulations! I just watched shark tank for the first time and youre product looks awesome! Im definitely buying some!

    Good luck!

  • tisa's creations

    CONGRATS!!!! WOW you guys were awesome! Can't wait to pick some up. Awesome idea.

  • Enjoyed the show...nice job. Obviously a lot of hits on the website.


  • Hey guys, just saw your shark tank episode and wanted to send my congrats. My hubby fixes small engines for a side job and this would be a great item for him to have around. I also agree that these would be great in every glove compartment in every car. Good luck with everything!

  • WOW you guys are amazing.. I can't wait to buy these. My husband is in the military and it would be great for him to have these with him while he is deployed. I will keep checking back as to know when i can buy these!!! You rock!!

  • Congratulations! Great presentation - best of luck with your new adventure. Get them on the shelves soon!!!

  • I just watched shark Tank...and viewed your product....As a kindergarten teacher I see this product as extremely useful for all of the coloring/marker marks everywhere in my classroom. I would love to see this product in a container like the "clorox wipes" because I like the convience, but the clorox wipes do not cut into the sticky glue, crayons and markers! Great Job!

  • Is there opportunities for anyone else to invest into your product? If so I can be reached at

  • Nicely done. I wish I could give you 1K for 1%...

  • Just seen your product on Shark Tank. Great product, where can I buy some.....



  • Just saw you on the Shark Tank..Congratulations!

    Please look into, a press release distribution service that can help drive traffic to your web site and give you more exposure by using their Social Media Release and Search Engine Optimization.

    - R

  • I just watched "Shark Tank" you both are persistent and have a product that will return a strong ROI. The knowledge and experience you will gain from both your investors will be immeasurable. I would love to talk more with you! Brenda in NH.

  • D Trahan

    Great presentation. You will do great. Just keep focused like wd40. Lots of market for you to go after.

  • Whydah

    Watched the show. Before it was over I went to check out your site, but saw it was down, which told me that the sharks bit (assuming your new contract partnership will require a new site or something until your partners approve). Congrats, and I look forward to buying your product!!!!!

  • My husband would LOVE these! Just today he came in from working on his truck he and our 2 boys (3 and 2 yrs.) were SO greasy. I got home from class and he had grease on his face and still some on his hands. It would save him the trip INTO THE HOUSE just to have those wipes on hand. I hope you guys start selling here in the south! - Danielle P.S. I'll be checking back to see how you guys are doing! Facebook?

  • Heather

    Love the idea! Once your website is back up and running I plan on ordering wipes to keep in my horse trailer. Ball grease is messy and I appreciate that your wipe is natural and safe for people and animals!

  • Rob

    Great job! Now...if the website would come back up...
    Keep up the great work!

  • Congrats! Bring your product to Athens, GA for Twilight Criterium in April! Good luck!

  • Aimbo

    Great job guys! I just finished watching here in Grand Rapids, MI. I am a stay at home mom who just tried to get Sharpie off my bedroom walls yesterday! Are you contemplating doing more than just individual packages? $1 a pack is steep for me. I am a discount diva. When you go global, please get some coupons out there for cheapos like me! These would be great stocking stuffers! :)

  • My husband and I have just finished watching The Shark Tank, and I am now on a mission to find out where I can find these wipes!!! My husband is inlove with them, and wants to try them! Please let us know where in NC we can find them!! Good luck to ya'll!! Your idea is amazing!!!

  • It would appear I'm not alone in my eagerness to learn more about your wipes. :) Like everyone else, I just watched your win on Shark Tank. One thing I was waiting to hear was expanding on their use for permanent markers, crayons, etc. I don't bike, but I'm in THAT market -- I'M A MOM!!! Please make sure you market your potentially awesome product to this demographic, too; a product that takes out permanent marker and crayon will be snapped up like...well, like a shark. :D Thanks, guys!

  • JUST saw you on SharkTank,

    CONGRATS! :)

    I was really surprised that the first few sharks didn't want in.. I mean, only 40k for 40% of what looks to be like such a great business, I thought they'd be all over it! ****I**** would have loved to have had the chance to give you 40k for 40%!

    Great product, I would seriously suggest ANY store that it goes into, that you give a few free to the sales people, tell them to get greasy, and then open up a pack and try it out. THEY'LL LOVE IT, and that enthusiasm will come through when they tell customers that it REALLY does work!

    Congrats :)

  • Your web site is down, contact me at I can help you from a organic search and paid search perspective. Also, from a web hosting perspective. You need more bandwidth to handle all of this great traffic from the shark tank show. Great job. I saw the show tonight. Again, contact me and I will help you online. I have over 20 years experience.

  • Clinton

    If you need anymore investors I'm impressed!!

  • I just advertised you guys on Facebook :P

  • Get these on the shelves of Sault Ste. Marie,Michigan. I will TOTALLY be buying them. I have little kids. I'm always needing something like that. My mom and her husband both have Harleys and use them A LOT every summer. They would use these all the time. Would be a great gift for me to give them! Wish your site wasn't down. =(

  • Tyler

    I'm in north rural Dallas and I want some of these! There isn't a bike shop in 20 miles of my house, which needs to be remedied immediately. I love the idea of these. Those other sharks are fools for not jumping on this.

  • Congratulations from my husband and myself. As fellow cyclists in Edmonton AB Canada where/when can we buy these wipes. Shirts etc A brilliant product. We have tribikes, tandem, road, cross we need these on everyone of them. Even in our motorhome. Pat Lavender and Rob Stirling

  • Congrats guys! now sell to Canada!!! In the US there is so much more opportunity and selection then we have up here in The Great White North. This is a hot product - hopefully I will see this product on the shelves of Canadian Tire soon!!!! No JOKE - Canadian Tire is the perfect retailer in Canada to carry your product. Can I submit 1K for 1 % too :)

  • Maggie Hu

    your website is down now. I guess there must have been millions of people trying to visit it.

  • Great idea - great product. Love the idea that it's naturally based - is the packaging from "recycled" materials? I know you use Orange, but you should go 100% Green! Can we hope that with greater production, the unit price will go down? I am in a business, not related to cycling, that qualifies for needing on the spot better than handi-wipes cleaning, but at $1 a shot it's a bit rich. Great job - will keep my eye on you. Congratulations!

  • From Pat and Rob again We regularly use baby wipes for oil cleanup. They dont work too well. Do you have anyone with distribution rights for Canada We are interested. This is an amazing idea/product cant wait to get a shirt.

  • K_I_T_

    Just saw you shake hands with the Sharks!!! Way to go!!!
    We are farmers andI can see this being great for the guys after working with machinery. Do you have this product in bulk? It would be easier for the men to be able to just "pull one out" of a container as opposed to opening one pack each time, as they would go thru quite a bit. I do like the individual packaging, but as I say, a container would suit our needs best..
    Again, what a great product....
    Look forward to using it....

  • Congrats I saw the show as well,I think your wipes will go far. Hope to see them on the shelves her in Newfoundland Canada.

  • bethanylynne

    Was watching Shark Tank tonight and thought you guys did an awesome job!! Good luck! :o)

  • Tom

    You did a great job!!! I would have gone for 40k myself.
    You both did a good presentation!

  • You guys rocked it on Sharks Tank! I'm from Canada so I hope to see that monkey face up here soon. Great job and good luck with everything. Happy selling.

  • Great presentation, started my wholesale womens accessory company with my partner 8 years ago with no funding... love to see passionate people and young start ups... let me know if you need anything
    Edward Vanegas ( native San Antonio, now Colorado)


  • John Wren

    Do you have any plans for being in Denver, Colorado? It would be great to have you share your startup experience with us at the Denver IDEA Cafe 2 to 3:30 p.m. near the Capitol.

    Life's short, start now!

  • Bill Jones

    Congratulations!!!! Great presentation on shark tank, you guys are going to have great success at this. This is a great idea and I wish you guys all the best and much success in this venture.

  • Not all Biobased products are considered "Green". Many citrus derived cleaners contain d-limonene which is the component extracted from the oils of citrus rinds. This agent can cause contact dermatitis, Asthma, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Your enterprising spirit is very commendable, yet I question your lose use of the word "Natural". Also, how can you push a "green" wipe which will more than likely end up on our roads left by less conscientious riders. After its use you have a discarded greasy wipe which is not so green.

  • Congrats! I hope you'll gonna expand soon in Canada. My hubby works in the industrial site and comes home with greasy hands. He once used a strong grease remover which almost damaged his entire hands.Can't wait to use your product!

  • Just saw the airing (joy of DVR). Absolutely loved your pitch AND your product. Even better, my LBS is one of your retailers, so I'm heading down tomorrow to pick some up. Congrats to you both, I'm just glad to be a part of your success! ;-)

  • monica

    I want these! And congratulations on having your server crash! That means people were looking online (like me) and want this product!!! So... How do I get it in Spokane, WA? Because my family has 5 cars, and we want about 10 wipe packets in every car, and some for the kitchen, and some for dad's shop, etc.

    Plus, I'm going to bug all the bike shops in Spokane till they start carrying Grease Monkey Wipes! Great job!

  • Time to buy some. Great idea..

  • Love seeing you on Shark Tank...will be on the look out for your product next time in the USA or if you have started to penetrate the Canadian one...

    Shawn-Winnipeg, Canada

  • Just saw Shark Tank - Great Idea! Think about all the cash register counters at Lowes and Home Depots. Also think about Auto Parts Stores. This can really skyrocket! Best of luck to you.

  • sue and doug

    great job on shark tank!!..we are from there going to be a distributer here??..Caps Cycle/Westwood Cycle might be a good place to is in British Columbia.

  • Great idea but you guys gave up too much equity for so little. The sharks sure got a bite out of you guys, well good luck, like they say it's better to be a small part of a big success than a big part of a big failure.

  • Jennifer Guess

    Did Jack make his cameo apparence? Loved the veloway shots!! We just moved from Austin, to California. Loved seeing Austin and you guys!

    Congrats!! Way to get your awesome product out there!!! Your presentation was impressive to watch. Y'all are a great team, good luck!!!

  • I can't wait to buy a pack of these, for the usual uses as well as to clean up my dog when necessary! Love that it's "natural"!!:)

  • Here's how powerful your presentation was: I have to have some Grease Monkey Wipes! I wished this aired before Christmas so I could have tucked these little wipes in my teenagers' stockings. And for me, my hands get grimy when I top up my tire's air pressure, I need a few in my glove compartment. Good luck!

  • Congratulations on your Shark Tank success! Hope to see your product in Chicagoland soon. And hope you make TONS of money. Hook 'Em! --UT McCombs BBA Alumna :)

  • Custom Stix

    great product. I'm going to order some for our bus driver. Congrats on the media. Hope it blows up huge for you.

  • You guys rocked that show last night. I think you undersold your share. But, great job.

  • I wanted to "buy-in"!! I don't know if I would have been so willing to share the deal with Barbara. I like both Barbara and Robert, but this is the Shark Tank!! You have GREAT PARTNERS...good luck.

  • You understated the cycling crowd. There is no reason why every cyclist wouldn't want a couple of these in their seat bag. My boyfriend works in a very high end bike shop in Massachusetts -- every person that enters the shop would buy these. I DVRed the show so he could see the product. I would expect you'll hear from them.
    Best of luck!!

  • VintageBella

    Just how original is this? It sounds like the citrus based degreaser "Goo Gone" only instead of in a bottle you are supplying the customer with the product already applied to a wipe??? And you're charging a whole lot more!!

  • Joe and Samantha

    Once the site is up- Can't wait to order some wipes. Harley stores should be your next target. My husband is going to love these things!

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  • whiteshark0121

    Congratulation to Grease Monkey Wipes. I hope more marketing experts exert efforts like this to help people with great ideas like the Shark Tank TV Show ( that provide financial assistance and expert's advice to small entrepreneurs, which is great for the economy.

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