Jerseys That Make a Statement

Thursday, January 14, 2010
The other day I was reading some tweets and the twitterverse seemed to be all aflutter about the site Share the Damn Road.  So being the curious sort I had to take a look.  They have some really cool jerseys that really get point across.  Here is what they say about themselves...

Share The Damn Road was created by professional cyclist Phil Gaimon. Phil was tired of being honked at, buzzed, and cussed out while he trained, and frustrated that the speed of motor vehicles made witty and insulting replies impossible. To solve that problem, he set out to create a line of jerseys that express what he's always wanted to say to passing cars. Get one yourself, and finally experience the joy of having the last word.

The goal is to convey messages of safety and cyclist's rights, but there is an element of humor and frustration, which we feel cannot be denied in the cyclist/motorist relationship, so these jerseys are not for wimps.

So if you are not a wimp and want to wear a jersey that makes a statement check out Share the Damn Road.


  • YAY FOR YOU! ! ! CONGRATS ! ! !
    'Creating in Clay and More'
    Omaha, NE

  • Congratulations to your new partnership on the Shark Tank. I was pulling for both ofyou. I'm a cyclist in Georgia and I'm now looking to buy your terrific wipes.

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