Year in Review

Thursday, December 31, 2009 3 comments
What a great year for Grease Monkey Wipes.

- We have grown our retailers from about 10 to over 45 the past year.
- Our sales for the year increased by over 50%.
- We received product mentions in Triathlete Magazine, Dirt Rag Mag, and on Fat Cyclist.
- We began a strong relationship with High Five Events.
- Team Grease Monkey Wipes participated in several charity cycling events.
- From these events we were able to raise over $10,000 for the various charities.
- GMW was able to sponsor some amazing teams and organizations such as Threshold Cycling, Big Pig Racing, Transparent Racing, and Austin Cycle Camp.
- On a personal side Erin completed her first Ironman, and Tim completd over 4000 miles on the bike.
- We have met tons of amazing people.

Team GMW wants to wish everyone a fantastic new year. Look for some huge things from us in 2010.

Enjoy the ride.

Team Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes to Swim with the Sharks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6 comments
It's been about 6 months in the making, but we are VERY excited to finally share some big news from Grease Monkey Wipes.

Drum roll please...on Friday January 15, 2010 at 9:00 pm EST/8:00 pm CST, Grease Monkey Wipes will be featured on the Mark Burnett produced reality TV show Shark Tank on ABC.

That's right - Grease Monkey Wipes is going prime time!!

The premise of Shark Tank revolves around entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to 5 multi-millionaire investors in hopes of getting funding in exchange for an equity share in their company.

Obviously we can't share what happened to us on the show... for that you'll just have to tune in on January 15. But we can give you an inside peek at the path we traveled to get on the show...

We heard about the opportunity through Twitter in late May and emailed some basic information to them thinking why not. We were then contacted by the show in early June. At this time we began the extensive application process that included filming a 5 minute audition tape (which may be leaked to YouTube in the near future). The first week of July we found out we were semi-finalists for the show, and then the first week of August we found out we made the show. Woohoo!! After this we flew to Los Angeles at the end of August to pitch Grease Monkey Wipes.

Below are some pictures from our very own trailer on the Sony studio lots. And here's a sneak peak of what we were up against... Kevin O'Leary (i.e. you crazy chickens!) was shooting us as we set up to pitch!

This has been such an amazing experience for both of us (even though we have been waiting to pop holding this news in since August.) We have absolutely relished every minute of it. There are tons of people to thank for their help along the way, and that will come in an update soon. But for now, we just wanted to let you know that on January 15 (9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST)Grease Monkey Wipes will be taking a swim with the sharks and we hope you will tune in to see if we come out of the tank alive or if we become chum.

Thanks for all of your support and enjoy the ride,

Erin and Tim

Tim's Tips: Inflation Method

Monday, December 28, 2009 2 comments

CO2 inflation or not CO2 inflation, that is the question.

One of the most important items that a cyclist can carry with them is something to replace a flat tire. This includes not only a spare tube but a way to fill this tube. There are two main options: a hand pump or CO2 cartridges.

The usual argument against CO2 cartridges is the cost. Each CO2 cartridge costs between $2-3 at your local bike shop. Well, if you think outside the box you can buy them much cheaper. If you buy the cartridges in the paint ball section at Wal-Mart, Academy, Dick's, etc. you can get a box of 15 for around $8. This is a huge savings over the LBS. For my money the convenience and time savings associated with CO2 makes it a far superior to a hand pump.

Just remember to recycle the spent cartridge when you get home.

Making a Carbon Bike Frame

Saturday, December 26, 2009 2 comments
Pretty cool video on making a carbon bike frame.

Nudity forgiven but cyclists feel heat over helmets

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 2 comments
Some interesting cycling news from New Zealand...

Two naked Kiwi men have been issued with a warning for riding without protective head gear around a New Zealand seaside town.

Senior Constable Cathy Duder was patrolling Whangamata, a beach resort in the North Island, on a quiet Monday night when she came across the two nude men aged in their early 20s.

"They were more shocked than I was, trying to cover up their bits and pieces with their hands," she said. Asked to explain, the pair said "they wanted to experience total freedom".

"And I said to them: `The way you're heading, you're going to experience total confinement'."

The officer said the "very fit" men "didn't seem drunk at all. That's what worried me".

Constable Duder issued a warning for failing to wear helmets and sent them home.

"I suggested that they stay on their bicycles and not get off because they were managing to discreetly hide their bits and pieces," she said.

Just a Little House Cleaning

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 3 comments
Nothing to see here, please move along...just need to do it to get on Technorati


Quote of the Day

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”

H.G. Wells

O'Grady Likely Out of Tour Down Under

Monday, December 21, 2009 4 comments
Australian cyclist Stuart O’Grady has been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and could miss the Tour Down Under in January, race officials said Monday.

O’Grady was admitted to hospital after arriving in Adelaide from his home in Monaco last week. He was later discharged and doctors were expected to reassess his condition this week.

Tour Down Under race director Mike Turtur said it was extremely unlikely that O’Grady would be fit to ride. The Jan. 17-24 race will feature seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong riding for his new RadioShack team as well as Australia’s world road cycling champion Cadel Evans.

Turtur said doctors had ordered O’Grady to take a complete break in order to make a full recovery.

“That being the case I think it would be a week or two before he could even think about going for a ride,” Turtur said. “He needs to get this knocked on the head.”

O’Grady, who has ridden the Tour de France since 1998 and finished second four times, is a member of Team Saxo Bank. He and Graeme Brown won a gold medal for Australia in men’s Madison at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Tim's Tips: Commuting

Sunday, December 20, 2009 2 comments
A new feature that we are going to institute on our blog is a Tim's Tips article. This will be a weekly feature and will provide tips for cyclists. These may be maintenance tips, performance tips, nutritional tips, or just just general cycling info. We hope you enjoy this new feature...let us know. Now without further ado, the first Tim's tip.


Riding for transportation is real cycling. Add the miles to your training log and watch your fitness improve as you put in extra saddle time.

It's also real money saved, real pounds lost and real reduction in carbon monoxide emissions. The average American drives 29 miles per day. If you use a bike instead of a car just one day per week, in one year you could save more than $1,000 in gas and car costs, burn 15 pounds' worth of calories and prevent 74 pounds of carbon monoxide from entering the atmosphere.

Route Selection 101: The best way to get somewhere by bike is usually different from the best way by car. As a driver, you want high-speed direct roads, and hills don't matter. On a bike, look for a road that parallels the highway, but with slower traffic (drivers will avoid it), timed traffic lights and a wide shoulder. Avoid stretches of strip mall, which provide multiple opportunities for a car to turn into your path. And try different roads until you find the best route; you might go two blocks farther to avoid a steep grade, or find it faster to cut through the park.

If your trip is less than 5 miles, there's not much excuse for driving instead of riding. "It will likely take you just as long to get into your car, drive there, find a parking spot and get out of your car as it does to ride," says Randy Warren, a commuter-program specialist at the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation.

To prevent that yoked-ox feeling, ditch the messenger bag and install a rear rack.

Quit using "there's no shower at work" as an excuse. In a survey of hundreds of bike commuters in North America, Dave Glowacz, author of Urban Bikers' Tips and Tricks, found that 85 percent don't bother to shower after reaching their destination. "If you just change your clothes, you're removing most of the sweat with your clothing," says Warren. Wiping down helps, too.

A rural bike commute isn't much different than your regular road ride, but riding in urban traffic requires you to ride more like you would drive, says Warren. "Traffic will be heavier, but also slower than you're used to," he says, "so often you'll be able to take the whole lane or share it." Also, signal where you're going and ride predictably.

It's not always fastest to ride fast. The need for sudden stops can hijack momentum. Commuting becomes almost a zen art, and a hell of a lot of fun, if you go with the flow of timed lights and traffic.

The best bike for your commute depends on the distance and terrain you cover, and whether or not you'll have to lock up. It could be the rusty hardtail or cruiser in your garage, your regular road bike or a dedicated commuter bike. The one bike that will work for every commute: a cyclocross bike.

How to Achieve Better Results with Spinning

Saturday, December 19, 2009 2 comments
Spinning is extremely popular and it’s a great way to train your endurance during the winter months. Here are some simple tips that will increase your gains from spinning:

1. Warm up before spinning

Spinning lessons have a normal length of around 50 minutes. For trained cyclists this is a very short amount of time, when this time includes both warm up, intervals and cool down.

Remember that most spinning lessons are made for people that are not very familiar with cycling training. Therefore I suggest you do a warm up before you enter the spinning room to get more training time.

2. Drink water with electrolytes and carbohydrates

Spinning rooms have a very high temperature and high humidity. Therefore it is quite normal to sweat much more than you are used to.

Some people believe that they sweat more at spinning lessons because they work harder. That is not true.

They sweat more because of the climate, not because they work harder than normal. I will recommend you to drink water with electrolytes and carbohydrates to maintain a high level of performance during the whole session.

3. Choose intervals carefully

Spinning instructors plan their lesson to be interesting and challenging for a wide range of riders. Most of them train spinning only 2 to 3 times week, so they can use all their effort in this short period.

If you do not like the program made of the instructor, consider to use your own program. It is possible to ride one of these programs without telling the instructor. Just remember to stand up and sit down when the instructor tells you to (and ignore his commands about pacing strategy).

4. Remember rest days

You can not do intervals every single day. Some days should be easy days. If you go for a ride in the spinning class on one of these days, please remember your goal with the training.

Have fun and happy winter training

2010 Vuelta a España Route Announced

Friday, December 18, 2009 4 comments
The 65th edition of the Vuelta a España will break new ground in 2010 with the leader’s jersey changing color from the traditional gold to red and the first stage taking place at night.

The 21-stage race gets underway on August 28 with a 16.5km time trial in the southern city of Seville and will finish in Madrid on September 19.

This year’s event, covering a distance of 3,352km, will travel across many mountainous regions, and will take in the 10.1km climb with a gradient of 8.4 percent to the summit of Cotobello aux Asturies, in the north of the country.

Spaniard Alejandro Valverde won the 2009 edition ahead of compatriot Samuel Sanchez and Australia’s Cadel Evans.

Valverde, Sanchez and their countryman Alberto Contador, winner of this year’s Tour de France and the 2008 Vuelta, were all present at Wednesday’s presentation.

“It’s a Vuelta that looks exciting but also very, very hard,” said Valverde, who also expressed his delight that stages six and seven of the race will run through his home region, Murcia.

“It’s a beautiful Vuelta, for the spectator,” said Contador.

Contador, who is tied to Astana for one more season, said he would not make a decision over his participation in the race until May or June but admitted he would be disappointed to miss out for a second successive year.

Former riders such as Frenchmen Bernard Hinault and Bernard Thevenet were also present for the course unveiling.

Race director Javier Guillen conceded that the global financial crisis had made it “difficult to find locations” for the stages.

Big Things for Jack & Adams in 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009 2 comments
Exciting news from our friends at Jack & Adams.

2009 is almost in the books. It was a great year in the Triathlon and Cycling community and we are sad it is over. Jack & Adam’s Bicycles is excited about the New Year and has some new things in store for the 2010 season. Below is a little taste of what to expect in the months to come.

1. Retul – J & A will be adding a Retul system to the fit room. With already one of the most fit educated staff in the world, Jack & Adam’s is sure to stay on the edge of technology with the addition of this 3 D fitting system.

2. High Five Events – In addition to The Texas Tri Series and The Splash -N- Dash Summer Series, High Five Events and Jack & Adam’s will be adding two more great events in 2010! Keep your eyes on our websites to find out all the details.

3. Triathlon Info Seminars and Clinics – Starting in February Jack & Adam’s and many of our community partners will be hosting a monthly clinic covering everything from your 1st triathlon to your next Ironman. The monthly seminars will be completely free and cover topics such as nutrition, training, mechanics, traveling, equipment, and much more. We are lining up special guest now for the entire year.

4. Multisport Club – With all the pieces in place Jack & Adam’s will be forming a community multisport club. It will be completely free and cover all aspects of swimming, biking and running. Special product discounts, social events, guest speakers, training, info clinics, lots of free stuff and much more. Again keep your eyes on J & A for more info soon.

Thanks for the great year and we hope to see you all in the store in 2010. We promise it will be a good one.

BRIEF-Cycling-World champion Evans to race 2010 Giro

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 2 comments
MILAN, Dec 15 (Reuters) - World champion Cadel Evans will race in May’s Giro d’Italia as well as next year’s Tour de France.

“Finally I am returning to the Giro. I have concentrated on the Tour in recent years but I think I am able to race two grand tours at a high level” the 32-year-old Australian told Tuesday’s Gazzetta dello Sport, which runs the Giro.

The BMC rider last raced the Giro in 2002.

Contador accepts UCI world ranking award

Monday, December 14, 2009 2 comments
Two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador said Monday that 2009 has been his best year ever, as he received the award from the International Cycling Union (UCI) as this season’s top rider.

“I think this has been my best year ever, in terms of results rather than other circumstances, given the constant tension and pressure to which I was submitted,” said the Spaniard. He was apparently referring to his tense relationship with his Astana teammate, Lance Armstrong.

“It has been the most important year of my life on a sporting level,” said Contador, after receiving the award from UCI President Pat McQuaid for topping the world rankings this year.

Contador won his second Tour de France crown in July, after first taking the title in 2007. The 27-year-old, who confirmed recently that he would remain with Astana next season, said he is now “excited and motivated” about next season, when his main goal will be a third Tour de France title.

“The fact that there is no team time trial should clearly help us,” he said. “What concerns me more is the cobbled roads, I hope we can get through that. It will be important to avoid falls that can ruin the race.”

The third stage of the Tour, between the Belgian town of Wanze and Arenberg in France on July 6, includes 13 kilometers of cobbled roads. The rider said he has scheduled “a block of races” earlier in the year, including the Tour of the Algarve, the Paris-Nice, the Tour of Catalonia and the Tour of the Basque Country.

Wiggins joins Team Sky

Sunday, December 13, 2009 2 comments
Triple Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has joined Britain’s Team Sky on a four-year contract, team principal Dave Brailsford said on Thursday.

“Brad will be at home in Team Sky. It is the perfect fit and he will be a marquee rider for us,” Brailsford said in a statement.

The 29-year-old Briton, who finished fourth in the Tour de France this year, joins from U.S. team Garmin-Transitions becoming the 25th member of the newly formed team.

“I’ll be on a British team with management and coaches who have shaped me as a rider. They are instrumental in my achievements so far and I know they are critical for the next part of my career,” Wiggins said.

“This team wants to be the biggest and the best and the most admired team in the world. It’s the first British ProTour team and to be part of that from the start is going to be something quite special.”

Wiggins, who won Olympic gold in Athens 2004 on the track before taking double gold at last year’s Beijing Olympics, had been linked to Team Sky since their formation in February.

The team, whose aim is to produce a British winner of the Tour de France within five years, are led by British cycling’s performance director Brailsford, the man behind their unprecedented cycling success in Beijing.

“Brad was a real revelation at this year’s Tour de France, has been hugely successful for British Cycling and his Olympic success has brought wide recognition,” Brailsford said.

“My personal opinion is that the best that Brad Wiggins could be is very close to the top of the Tour de France podium.”

Wiggins becomes one of seven British riders on the team which also includes Norwegian champion Kurt-Asle Arvesen and his promising compatriot Edvald Boasson Hagen.

“Obviously the main goal is the Tour de France, but from day one when we start competing at the Tour Down Under we’ve got riders who can win right through the season,” Wiggins told a news conference.

“I am sure that if we hit all the goals the team want to hit early season, selection for Tour de France will not be a problem.”

Garmin-Transitions, who still had Wiggins contracted for another year, were disappointed with his departure.

“Although we understand his strong desire to be a part of the UK’s first-ever ProTour team, we would have loved to continue with him through 2010. His departure is not the outcome we hoped for,” they said in a statement.

Wiggins admitted it was a tough decision to leave.

“I still believed, as late as last weekend, that I would be with Garmin next year. I stayed away from the whole ins and outs of it all, and just let the people behind the scenes get on with it,” Wiggins said.

Together with seven-times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong’s Team RadioShack, Team Sky will make its first competitive appearance at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide, Australia from Jan. 17 to 24.

High Five Events to speak at 2010 USAT Race Director Symposium

Saturday, December 12, 2009 2 comments
We always like to post good news about our friends. Dan puts on amazing events and we are proud to be involved with him and High Five Events...

Dan Carroll of High Five Events has been selected to speak at the USAT Race Director Symposium Feb. 12-14th in Colorado Springs. Dan will be presenting on "Volunteer Recruiting and Management". Also presenting at the event is Johan Bruyneel, team manager for 9 Tour de France championship squads including US Postal, Discovery Channel, and Astana. Sure, Johan is the keynote speaker and Dan is just a breakout session presenter, but it's still pretty cool.

Dan is also on track to achieve the new Level 2 Race Director certification by the end of the year. Dan is already a certified RD, but Level 2 is the new advanced certification. He will be one of the first race directors in the country to reach this level of certification.

Anyone can attend the RD symposium, although it's probably pretty boring unless you're into race directing. Info is available here.