Special Jack & Adams Shop Ride This Weekend

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Lovingly borrowed from the Jack & Adams blog.

As the summer winds towards an end, we are going to introduce monthly Sunday shop ride "specials." This week, one of the regular shop ride leaders, Zac Dashner, and team Velossimo will be taking cyclists and TRIATHLETES out for a group riding training session. Learn to spin fast and efficiently on a group ride. It's the motion not the muscle!

Group riding & paceline riding 101 session on the morning ride of Sunday, August 23rd. 45-50 miler No hammering, no attacking. It's about etiquette and technique. This won't be a hard-paced ride, but just the same you should be able to sustain 18-20 mph while drafting (which we'll teach).

If you're a regular on the Sunday rides, if you do the Decker Lake 35 mile ride or the 33 miler down to the corner store in Buda, do not be intimidated by "45-50" miles. You'll find proper group & paceline riding this distance to not be appreciably more difficult...maybe even easier.

Those wanting to push the pace should not join. Those not wanting to follow direction/instruction/leadership of the group leader(s) should not join, either. For those with TT/tri bikes, absolutely NO riding in the aero bars for this ride and absolutely no MP3 players.

Attendance is free and unlimited, free tacos and ice cold water on the deck back at Jack and Adam's. Be at the shop ready to leave at 8:15 AM, we always start on time! The regular shop ride and no drop ride will leave at 8:30 as always!