A month to go

Monday, August 24, 2009
In one month I will be heading to Columbia, MD to ride in the 24 Hours of Booty. This event will be the first time I have attempted to ride for 24 hours straight. This should be an amazing event because not only is it a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation but also my entire family will be there. My dad is going to ride with me (at least part of the time) and my brother and his wife, and my wife are going to act as our pit crew. Making sure our bottles are full, we remember to eat, etc. Should be an amazing experience. Plus as I have blogged about before I get to ride at night, and I absolutely love that, it is so much fun and really brings out a child like quality.

I will keep updating as my training continues, and if you are interested in donating to support me in this ride you can do it here.

Enjoy the ride.



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