Post Shark Tank Update

Monday, February 1, 2010
For those who are curious, the response from Shark Tank was greater than we ever imagined. We thought we would share a few stats:

1) Grease Monkey Wipes was the #1 most searched term on Google the night of the show, and #3 the following day.
2) Web traffic to increased by over 6,000%.
3) We nearly tripled our sales from 2009 in 1 week.
4) We have received thousands of emails since the show. Tim & I are trying our best to personally respond to each one. (We're finally just about finished)
5) We now have people knocking on OUR door, versus us begging them to answer theirs.
6) Our little company has legs, and we are so much closer to creating a global wipe empire!

For anyone curious, we talk with Barbara, Chelsea (who works with Barbara) and/or Robert at least a few times a week. The deal was real - and they are amazing mentors.

Tim & I are counting our blessings every day... and again extending thanks to all of our supporters. THANK YOU!


  • Joseph

    I presently Live in the Motor City And was wondering if you would be interested in hiring A Sales Rep for your company in the Detroit, Michigan Area or maybe you have other ideas I am very experienced and feel I could benefit your company by making sales for you in this area as well as any other you would like. If you have a fax number I can fax you my resume along with my many sales awards from companies such as Carrier, Frigidaire, All American air & Electric, Etc...

  • Hello and congratulations Tim and Erin.
    Being you have now had some time to work with Robert and Barbara in expanding your business do you have any tips you can share with us?

    You have done a great job so far and are positioned to continue your progress.


  • Ken David

    That's so cool.
    I saw this show in fact; I loved the wipes.
    It's great to see it's working out for you.
    I never really gave much thought to the fact that just by appearing on Shark Tank, you may be getting the greatest ad time of all.

    Way to go you two. Keep up the great work.

  • Anthony Mendez

    Your appearance on Shark Tank was nothing short of brilliant. You two *do* make a great team! Continued success to you and everyone involved with Grease Monkey Wipes. Very inspiring.

  • Jane Doe

    You guys were my favorite episode on Shark Tank so far. One suggestion about your website - I almost didn't realize you could purchase these online, and you don't sell them at a location convenient for me( not yet, anyway). Maybe somewhere in the box the says "Need Wipes?" You could reference the fact that you could purchase them online. Other than that, I love the site and both of you.

    I am getting ready to plan an order for a box to share with my family. I see a dozen different uses for this item.

    Best of luck!

  • Kendall Sowers

    I just watched a re-run of Shark Tank and think it sounds great! I wish you guys the best of luck!

  • Great presentation on Shark Tank. Good luck with your future; I hope to use the wipes soon.

    My recommendation for a new market in the military and law enforcement agencies. Cleaning weapons is a dirty job and the carbon that gets left on your hands is gross. The cleaning agents available are often harsh and have evidence of contributing to the development of cancer. Further, pregnant weapon users cannot use many of these agents.

  • You should really consider a low bandwidth version of your site or a different host. You're going to continue to suffer downtime each time the show airs. It looks very unprofessional when this happens.

  • Just saw you guys on Shark Tank here in Toronto and I just ordered a box of 24. What a great product! I don't know how many times I have washed my car and ended up with greasy fingernails after cleaning the rims. I hope you guys make a gazillion dollars!

  • Have you ever thought of selling them in health food stores since they're all natural? I'm sure bikers go there as well as anyone wanting to use an all natural product.

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