Run Far Time Trial

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Run Far puts on a free time trial every two weeks from April to September for all the cyclists in Austin. Since the event is held about two miles from my house I try to ride it every chance I get.

Last night was the second week in a row that I have set a personal best time, and last night I crushed my previous fastest time by over 14 seconds. That might not seem like a lot but I think it is pretty good considering the time trial is only 8 miles and usually takes me about 20 minutes. So a 14 second drop equates to an improvement of 1.16%

There are a few things I did right last night that I think helped me get this time:

- Proper warm up
- Not pushing too hard at the beginning and having nothing left on the back side
- Taking the U-turn a little wider to maintain speed
- Having a rabbit that helped me push through to the end
- Relaxing

Sub 20 minutes is still alluding me, but I will catch it before the end of the summer.

- Tim